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For those who haven’t heard, one of the former members of our American sailing team, Trevor Moore of Biscayne Bay in Miami, has disappeared and a great search has been done there: go to to make the search easier. He stays in our thoughts and prayers.

I trained for four days in Valencia today and am preparing for the Finn Silver Cup starting in three days. I ran well received, who was here, and I’m excited about what I can do against the whole field group.

Dinghy Academy was a great place to stay, and when I was invited to train with a group, including Murdoch and Josh Junior after the event, I planned to continue sailing after the regatta to get the best possible training. I have met good friends and I have a good artist community. Create a great journey.

First post!

I am happy to announce the launch of the latest blog. I always get stuck between whether the site is on or not, or I decide how big the site should be, especially when I don’t want to be full time until after college. But I want to keep those who support me up to date and start laying the groundwork for followers, or at least getting the attention of potential followers to make the transition to full-time sailing much smoother. However, a Finnish purchase is coming and it is a good purchase, so don’t be too tired to help! Every cent counts 🙂

First of all, I want to thank those who recently supported me.

As always, I want to thank my family for all their support. I always know that you are with me in everything I do. I also want to thank Forrest Gay for a great offer to rent his boat while training in the Bay area, he is always the one who got me on my first boat. Thank you St. Francis Sailing Foundation for your generosity and support for the upcoming Finn Silver Cup. I hope to build a strong relationship with you based on dedication and focused efforts. I want to thank Russ Silvester for keeping in touch with all the locals and a couple of boat trips to St. Francis. Shouts to John Vandemoer that he gave me the freedom to sail in Finland on my school days. I hope we can continue to make a big difference in school. I would also like to thank US Sailing for their guidance and continued faith in my future. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

I am currently training daily in Vancouver with Kyle Martin of Canada. Man is beautiful here! We had two days with a beautiful west sea breeze and a day with layered southeast winds. Lots of work with close movements and boat handling in preparation for the upcoming Valencia Silver Cup. Fast hands and high heart rate were the name of the game during the camp. If we go for a few more days and try to squeeze the hike and a little camping later in the week, we should take it all in while we’re here, right?

Update in midsummer

I’m now writing to you on a sunny “rest day” in Aarhus (my opinion pictured), Denmark’s second largest city and meeting place for the ISAF worlds in 2018. I’m practicing here for just over a week, and it’s definitely a new and rewarding experience. But before I get into the details, here’s a quick update from the first half of the summer.

As I ran out of the exam room, I seemed to have thrown almost everything I owned into the storage space, picking up my bags and screwing them to Kiel at the airport. A location known less from the summer sun and more guaranteed from the wet gloomy underworld where you appreciate where you come from. I didn’t care, I wanted to be in Finland and have good times. Fortunately, the first half was sunny and warm. “It’s not something Languages,” the locals said, or “Yes, it rarely gets that beautiful.” Luther and I praised the rain clouds for their spontaneous vacation, fine-tuning our speed to a few weak spots, setting bratwurstsund, and preparing for the regatta. While the America’s Cup and the name Kiel, Kiel was preparing for the practice regatta, our thinking was to continue learning during the event. Winning the first race created a quick smile, but as always, evaluations had to be done, notes, experiences of moving to the next race