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December 3, 2016 – Miami, FL, USA – Embarr’s Irish team was crowned IRL829 (2-75 / DNS) at Melges in 24 World Championships in 2016 due to a great championship that finished fifth in the series.

The crew showed extreme endurance and consistency during the race and fascinated everyone for them and rode the boat in the tailwind so they could have good recovery times when the start was not so good. It is imperceptible to work closely together to succeed at very important events: “We work physically hard in the wind. If we sail upwards, it helps us a lot, especially if you want to play golf here. World championship,” said Embarr owner Conor Clarke, explaining the technical possibilities: sailors, the Olympics are good, but it’s also about the attitude and knowledge of the environment we’ve been to in Miami. ”For a while, we tried to understand and take advantage of local conditions. We worked hard and our dream came true, “said Clarke. The owner David Hughes, Stuart McNay, Maurice O’Connell and Aoife sailed on board the Embarr.

Gian Luca Peregon Maidollis 3 ITA822 (5-15) had a 31-point lead over the former Melges 24 former world champions on board in 2012. Fracassoli-Fonda was the leader and tactician for both Giovanni Ferrari and Stefano Lagi. A total of 69 points they got second place in the overall ranking. Third was Brian Porter’s full throttle USA849 (8-2) with Andy Burdick, Sam Rodgers and Matt Woodworth from the crew, and he beat Monsoon USA851 (3-7) with the same total score but worse bottom results.

The disappointing Bora Gular Air Force One / West Marine Rigging USA820 (1-75 / DNF), who was still on the podium after the first race of the day but received the BDF in the final regatta of the series, raises them to an overall rating of fifth. It could have been better for Chris Rast’s EFG SUI684 (13-8), World Champion 2015 and European Champion 2016, for a better World Championship that couldn’t show its full potential, and an event with an overall 13th place finish.

The Italian team Taki 4 ITA778 (1-7) won the Corinth Division series after the eleventh race, just like Embarrkin. This was challenged this morning during a moderate and delayed wind that forced the race committee to end the race a few minutes after the start. Marco Zammarch’s crew continued their hard work as the number three Europeans of Hyeres and after sailing very good races through the World Championships, which showed a great ability to adapt to different sailing conditions today. Giacomo Fossati, Matteo De Chiara, Niccolé Bertola and Giovanni Bannetta sailed on the Taki 4 with the support of Niccolé Bianchi as coach.

Only in the twelfth and final race of the series could the final Corinth be determined from the Corinth Division. Second place went to Lenny EST790 (5-6) with Toomas Téniste, Kalev Tanner, Maiki Saaring and Andres Rohtla in the team, world champion 2015 and second European champion 2016. Megan Ratliff’s Decorum USA805 (2-11) placed third. This last crew of Megan Ratliff was also named one of the best female boats at the event, and Megan’s brother Hunter Ratliff, Zachary Hernandez, Alex Simon and Christopher Stocke sailed on this crew.


Thanks to its revolutionary but simplified attitude, the Melges 14 is a real boating boat when the wind blows. Zenda, WI, (December 21, 2015) – Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to announce that Melges 14 ™ has been voted Boat of the Year 2016 (BOTY), Sailing World magazine’s best boat. Watch a promotional video for The Melges 14.

“We’ve been working on Melges 14 for a couple of years and designed and developed every detail to get the most fun and exciting experience of wind and downwind,” said Harry Melges, CEO of Melges Performance Sailboats. “It’s perfect for all ages – a really neat boat that’s easy to sail and easy to ride on a dolly. The Melges 14 is also a great beach boat. Like many of our other Melges products, it’s a great family fun – a stylish sailboat or a great racing platform, with a design. “