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Stories from a world tour

Alex and Taru from World Tour Stories are real travel companions. Both explored the world from an early age, and after just a few weeks of socializing, they decided to sail together around the world. They left Spain and sailed the seas of West Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Central America and are now stationed on their classic 43-inch Halsey Herreshoff yacht in Miami, Florida. The voice of the blog comes from Taru, and her clean and easy-to-read page is full of beautiful photos and well-written stories from the sea.

Win tourists

“Land for the Sea for Three of Three” is a pretty accurate summary from Wind Traveler. Brittany and Scott sailed on the east coast of the United States to the Bahamas and the Caribbean in 2010 before becoming pregnant with their first daughter. They quickly upgraded and bought a 44-inch Brewer sailboat – and just in time; soon after the birth of their first daughter, they found themselves pregnant again, this time with twins! They are currently traveling to the United States and the British Virgin Islands, where they can stay for the rest of the season. They publish great photos and interesting articles full of insights about sailing full time as a young family.

Zero cruise

Zero to Cruising is definitely one of the most popular sailing blogs to date. Mike and Rebecca began their sailing adventure in 2008 with a “zero” sailing experience. They left Ontario in 2010 and have since documented every cross-Caribbean trip on their beautiful catamaran. They post a lot of good advice, beautiful photos and stories almost every day. At this time, you can relax and enjoy an amazing sailing trip.

Log in b / v Del Viento

Mike, Windy and their two little daughters are voices behind the Log of s / v Del Viento. Mike and Windy met in the mid-1990s when Windy agreed to occupy Mike’s boat for his first sailing trip. They have been together ever since. They have covered the west coast of the United States and Mexico and are currently sailing through British Columbia. They sail in the stylish Sparkman and the Fuji 40 designed by Stephens, and they also describe their monthly costs to interested readers (most are).

Eben and Genevieve first met at the age of 18, and when they made contact in 2007, they knew they would spend the rest of their lives rebuilding their 1989 41 “Morgan Classic, Necess, to sail around the world. Full-time sailing with two young girls They are currently sailing in the Virgin Islands and there are great posts and photos depicting everything related to the crazy voyage of life on a sailboat, including the general change of Necessity.

Behind Sailing Britican is Kim Brown. She is a former CEO who once led a very successful business but left everything to buy her dream sail and sail the world with her husband and daughter. Kim and her family sailed on a 56-inch Oyster yacht called a British – a combination of British and American (her husband is British and she is American). In his posts, Kim describes everything about life on a sailboat – the way you make money sailing to her favorite destinations around the world – and she’s very honest.