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They become a familiar face at Volvo Ocean Race Stopovers – a fleet of high-speed catamarans sailing around Race Villages around the world.

The M32s are the new face

The M32s are the new face of the Volvo Ocean Race ‘Guest Speed ​​Experience’ program, which allows guests to enjoy high-performance sailing during stopovers. Weighing just over 500 kg, these 32-foot carbon fiber speed machines are capable of lightning-fast accelerations, with the speedometer ringing around 27 knots, but the two hulls and the single rig put safety first.


As such, the M32s are the perfect tool for top-class Volvo Ocean Race guests to experience high-performance sailing up close. And because of their size and maneuverability, they can be driven close to the coast, increasing the spectacle of the host cities for hundreds of thousands of visitors to our racing cities. The introduction of the M32s not only gives guests an adrenaline-fueled experience, but also informs the Volvo Ocean Race crews that they can only focus on preparing their VO65 for harbor racing and sea legs while alone. sponsors and stakeholders. even more bargain value.

“The M32 is a fantastic boat to get on,” explains Sally Barkow, who competed with Team SCA in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15 and now with the professional sailors in the same M32 catamarans who are responsible for the guest’s speed. Experience was used to participate in the World Match Racing Tour. “It’s really manageable, but you get an incredible feeling that you’re going really fast. You can see the water flowing under you through the trampoline – it’s a really cool experience.

“We’ve had guests on board before, and they described it as a roller coaster. Riding one of these boats is one of the best things in the world.” Visitors to Volvo Ocean Race’s Alicante Race Village will have seen the M32 in action last weekend during the four-day Alicante Match Cup, a qualifying match for the World Match Racing Tour 2018. The event is the result of a partnership between the Volvo Ocean Race and the World Match Racing Tour that adds to the action at the start of the 2017-18 event. And this week, VIP guests will have the opportunity to join the Volvo Ocean Race Teams in the Guest Speed ​​Experience program.